Saturday, October 29, 2005

2 days before Halloween

Here it is- 2 days before Halloween! I love this time of year!!! Autumn is my second favorite season of the year- and horror movies are shown abundantly during or at the end of October.
I have a lot on my mind that makes me weary, but I have to make time for my scary movies.

Phantasm has to be about the best scary movie ever made- at least of those I've seen.
"BOY!" If you ever had a thing about mirrors or funeral homes before watching that movie... The tall man must be close to the creepiest dude you'll ever see on screen, Nosferatu notwithstanding.

I love to read books in the horror genre, also.

I am currently finishing Dean Koontz's TickTock. Ya gotta love Koontz! I haven't read anyone else that can combine humor and suspense like he does! Laugh out loud one minute and be creeped out the next... Wordelicious

I'm not much of a King fan, but Gerald's Game does very well in the creep factor rankings. I do enjoy the movies based on King novels, though. Same with Anne Rice. I just can't figure out why their books do not draw me in.

Halloween and my childhood- such great memories!

My older brother would take me and my younger brother trick-or-treating. It seemed we walked for miles and returned home with a big paper grocery bag or pillowcase full of candy. Of course, we did this years ago when there were fewer known real-life monsters in the world and when people bought whole big candy bars and the like for treats. Most people anyway. You'll always have the few that give onion candies (or the modern equivalent) and pennies even in this day and age, but then, even a penny could get you some good candy in the corner candy store. And- no, I am not ancient!!! I just grew up at the tale end of the "safe" years.


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