Thursday, February 16, 2006

Book News


Library Journal's most recent Prepub Alert contains some very recognizable names.

One Book opens new border for Chicagoans
The city's "One Book, One Chicago" program has selected "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" as its latest selection for reading. The One Book, One Chicago program is Chicago's version of a citywde book club. Only this time, the book is being read and discussed by email with citizen's of Moscow aided by the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature.

For those of you that want some comics with your reading.

CNN interviews Evan Thomas on his new book Robert Kennedy: His Life I was very young, still in grade school when JFK was assassinated. If memory serves me correctly, I was watching TV when it actually happened. Maybe I only witnessed that black moment on the news. The fact remains that day was another extremely sad day in US history.

I recently received a link to Illustration Magazine. The mag is a tad bit older than one year. Printed in the UK, a US subscription costs £30 through PayPal. At today's rate, that's $52. I'll be subscribing.

If "C-SPAN" only means boring politics to you, its weekly Book TV shouldn't be missed. You can sign-up for weekly alerts.

And finally, MobyLives, a great litblog you'll be glad to experience.

Happy reading!

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