Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How's this for a banner pic?

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Looks like I took the holidays off... hmmmm... Valentine's Day (or is it Valentines' Day?) and now President's (Presidents'?) Day/Washington's birthday. I even had an appropriate reading list of books for each holiday and a bit of history. Oh well, been there, done that. Funny thing is, I thought yesterday was really Sunday and I was upholding the Sabbath. Turns out I really was helping out at the MIL's and then picking up an estate of books- on Monday!.

I mentioned before I'm sorta doing this blog as a time waster, but I also use these toys to learn new things, like manipulating code and inserting fun things.I've been studying css and such. I want to add mebbe a background, definitely a banner of some sort and who knows what else. My playing can be evidenced from the subtle, non-artsy and non-beneficial changes to my header. My best bet is to add my "legs" banner that gave me a following. I'll have that up until I get bored with it. Afterall, I'm not your usual bookseller. Whatever that means.

For your reading pleasure
A writer's fantasy come true
High end altered books
Super pictures of models
Is your name on this list?
EPA to close their HQs library- since this admin don't need no stinkin' science
News on the kids' front

That's all folks!

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