Thursday, February 23, 2006

I see dead people

I fully intended to write about nature spirits and gardening yesterday. My plans changed after listening to Coast to Coast Tuesday evening in bed. A psychic or medium was the featured guest. I was listening, only mildly interested, until he said he's seen the deceased at their own funerals. Yessss!! I said. Now you're talking!

A trait inherited from my maternal grandmother, an eastern European "witch," I see dead people. On occasion, I've seen, heard or felt my beloved animal companions after they've left this earthly plane, too. Shoot, I've seen dead people since I was 4 years old. I may have even seen my guardian angel, if you believe in those. He, a cowboy no less, was the first other-worldy being I saw. Heck, we even spoke and I wasn't the least bit afraid or puzzled. Nowadays a kid might scream because a stranger's in their bedroom. Times and places were gentler then. Fortunately for me, I ain't no Alison DoBois, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, etc. I do not have strangers imposing on me. My spectral visitors are my loved ones. Like most people, I have enough on my plate dealing with my own life. I sure as heck don't need other people's problems, especially dead peoples' problems! But hey, I really did see a dead person at their own funeral...

Some reference sites and associated books:
Mary Ann- the real Ghost Whisperer
After Death Communication
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John Zaffis
Richard Jackson
Annette Martin
Loyd Auerbach
Jeffrey Wands
The VERITAS Research Program


Peter O'Phile said...

Ain't no such thing as ghosts. Take your time though.


FrauBucher said...

Ain't no such thing as Peter O'Phile either, from your lips to God's ear, but I'll accept your existence anyway. Live and learn. Peace, frau