Saturday, February 11, 2006

pbwiki anyone?

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Today's subject is a public service announcement about creating your own FREE website. One that is much nicer than the geocities or angelfire dreck sites that incorporate spyware. I'm talking about a website that is simple and easy to create, yet allows you to personalize it if you know enough .html. Or, if you have a premium account and can work with .css, the sky is almost the limit. If you don't know .html or any of that fancy stuff, you can use the easy to learn wiki format called WikiStyle. Everything you need to know is right there!

The site is secure. The creator and his team are constantly upgrading the site (in a good seamless way!). There is a discussion forum where tips, questions, "Whatcha want" and upgrades are thoroughly covered. Your site can be private or open to public viewing; you decide. This is a bit of heaven on the web!

English not your first language? No problem! Editing help is currently available for: Chinese, Dansk/Danish, Deutsch/German, Español/Spanish, Français/ French, 日本語/Japanese, Lietuviškai/Lithuanian, Nederlands/Dutch, Norsk, bokmål/ Norwegian, Norsk, nynorsk/Norwegian, Português/Portuguese, Suomi/Finnish, Svenska/ Swedish, Русский/Russian. Don't see your language there? If you have the desire to add your language, you only need to contact the site and tell them you want to translate the site into your native tongue!

I'm talking about the great pbwiki! Check out the PBwiki tour!

The uses of your pbwiki are unlimited, ranging from a daily "to do" list or calendar, a business' joint-work site, a teaching aid such as a class schedule or a resource list. There are game sites, authors writing books, booksellers, Moms. Dads and kids! One a great site I use all the time lists no-nag freeware Freeware Wiki and literally thousands more! Storage is very generous. Dang, the whole place is extremely generous considering you do not have to pay one red cent for a basic wiki!

The nice folks there have their own pbwiki

Make a free, password-protected wiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich. Over 33,333+ pbwikis have been made!

You'll love it too!!! I promise.

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