Saturday, May 27, 2006

Biblion Ltd. and Team up

ASHEVILLE, NC -, one of the world's largest marketplaces for used, rare, and out-of-print books, and Biblion Ltd., the foremost British based dealer marketplace announced April 7th, 2006, their mutual decision to work together to redevelop the current Biblion Ltd. online strategy.

From the May Bookseller Member Newsletter:
"Biblion @ Biblio and Biblion Ltd. are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement that will allow to provide software and technical support in the redevelopment of and

Work has already begun on the project and more will be announced as the re-launch of draws nearer. Bookseller Members have asked some good questions and we pass those along here:

Question: Will my account automatically be listed on as well?

Answer: No. These will remain separate sites. We will provide upload routing for sellers that are members of both sites, so that an upload will only need to be submitted once.

Question: Who will I email for support?

Answer: There will be email addresses for support, such as, that will be handled separately from's current support, but's support staff will ultimately be responsible for supporting the new version of the site.

Question: How is this going to benefit me? Isn't this just going to dilute my sales from

Answer: No. You may choose to list with and have what is essentially an additional marketing presence in the United Kingdom and in Europe. Biblion Ltd. will continue in its efforts to focus the marketing of it's site in these countries.

As the work on the new site progresses, will make other announcements and begin working with sellers to set up accounts. More to come!!"

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