Thursday, May 18, 2006

Da Vinci Code Canned

Vitruvian ManThree years after the release of of The Da Vinci Code and I am still at the part where the 2 main characters left the bank. For whatever reason, I am unable to read the book, just like I am unable to read any Anne Rice, but that is me.

Here it is, the day before the world debut of The Da Vinci Code the
movie and the book is selling better than ever, having created a major religious controversy with many, many religion-based sites disputing the so-called facts. Not much mention of heresy was made several years ago, but then, the movie wasn't imminent either. If your core religious beliefs are so fragile that a book and movie based on fiction with a smattering of historical facts cause inner turmoil, what does that say about you? The theories in the book have been around for centuries. You either believe and have faith, or not. The most ridiculous news in all this has to do with stereotypes.

Meanwhile the movie's big buzz is the viewers were
tittering at the biggest moments of revelation. One has to wonder what Tom Hanks (Is it just me, or is Tom looking too Mickey Rourke-ish [ewww] in this movie?) was thinking when he accepted the role after reading the script. Is the movie really that bad, or is it the euro-trashing of a Hollywood blockbuster? Guess we will know very soon. As a rule, we do expect great things from Ron Howard and Hanks, but they are only human. Whether the movie really is bad or not, it will be a financial success with all the hype,

If you haven't read the book yet, a copy, new or used, can be found at your local independent bookstore or by searching by title at
Bookfinder or AddAll.

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