Thursday, May 25, 2006

The End of the Ringworld series?

Ringworld's Children - Larry Niven For SciFi fans listening to last night's show on CoasttoCoastAM, the first hour had to be a real treat. George Noory (co-author of Worker in the Light with William Birnes; scheduled release date September 2006) introduced his first guest of the night, the great SciFi master Larry Niven, Early discussion centered around Ringworld's Children, the fourth book in the extremely popular Ringworld series. Fans of Larry Niven waited 10 years for the book to be published.

Niven made a surprise announcement during the interview: Ringworld's Children is the last book in the series. The author remarked: "I think it's the last of the Ringworld's wrapped up to my satisfaction." The first book of the series, Ringworld, won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards in the early 1970s, and was followed in 1980 by The Ringworld Engineers, and in 1996 by The Ringworld Throne.

Larry Niven has co-authored many works with most notably
Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes. Other authors he has collaborated with are David Gerrold, Brenda Cooper and Michael Flynn. If you look at Mr. Niven's bibliography you will see any number of author combinations with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle and another of the aforementioned authors. Also you will notice how the author filled the large time lapses between the Ringworld books- with his many collaborations.

Besides stating Ringworld's Children is the last of the Ringworld book series, Mr. Niven said his collaboration with Larry Pournelle will continue and that he and Steven Barnes are currently working on a book together. To hear the complete interview on C2C where you can also hear what Larry Niven fears, you'll need to become a
Streamlink member. Believe me, being able to listen anytime you want, download programs or receive podcasts is well worth the small monthly fee.

In other SciFi news, if you live in the mid-west, specifically near Madison, Wisconsin, I hope you already made your arrangements for WisCon - The World's Leading Feminist Science Fiction Convention, which takes place this weekend, May 26-29, 2006 at The Concourse Hotel.
The convention is already SOLD OUT.

WorldCon L.A., "the gathering of thousands of people with a shared interest in things fantastic. Movies. Books. Science. Space. Television. Games. Costumes. Art. Anime. More... Much More" will be happening August 23-27, 2006 in Anaheim, CA. The 2006 Hugo Awards will be announced Saturday evening, the last night of the convention. So be there or be square. Both Larry Niven and George Noory will be attending the conference.

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