Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday musings

First, let me welcome all the LangaList readers! Your numbers are amazing, and so many before I even woke up. It is a shame I do not have something of interest for the majority of you!

Second, thank you, Fred Langa for your wonderful no-spam, no-nag newsletter. My pc's operating system is WinMe. Anyone who reads Fred's newsletter knows what problems WinMe has, namely big resource allocation problems. I cannot begin to tell you the hassles my SO gave me because he thought I was doing something to his beloved puter. Nothing I would say or do would allay the SO's misconception that it was me causing the puter problems. What a headache! I was so relieved when I read Fred Langa's newsletter and could prove that I was not the one to blame. Since then, I learned how to best use the operating system and how to choose software that is not only small in size but resource friendly.

My SO intends to wait for Vista rather than upgrade to XP Pro. I think we will have a long wait. If you like Fred, check out Clif's Freeware- also no spam and the freeware is no-nag, no malware, and almost all personally reviewed by Clif or others (link in sidebar above Fred). A recent newsletter mentioned a beta, open source XP-like operating system. I think I'll check that out when it is out of beta!

Now back to books...

Canadian author
Jack Hodgins wins B.C. Book Prize for extensive body of novels, short stories Hodgins Bibliography

Children's book author, Thatcher Hurd, got
artistic chops from mom, pop Of course, his dad was the illustrator for the classic Goodnight Moon.

For baseball fans, a book about the great
Roberto Clemente -
Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero by David Maraniss

Edgar® Winners (and the nominees)

In case you weren't already aware, Snoop Dogg Gets Lit:
First Novel Arrives This Fall. Maybe his book tour and signings will be very lively. I wonder if anyone is cringing already over at Simon and Schuster? Maybe not, since Viacom owns S&S and has rehired two jerks, after firing them for their crassness.

Any books mentioned above can be found at your local independent bookstore or by searching at
Bookfinder or ADDALL.


John said...

Nice Blog.
I clicked on over after seeing it in Fred Langa's newsletter.

I will have to check back and read more of your posts.

I was featured in Fred's newsletter a month or so back and about all the site hits. They have slowed down now but I am still getting more than before I was in his newsletter.
nd yes...he has helped alot of people with his computer knowledge.

I am also a book geek so your site(s) will be pinned to my favorites and I will check back often....

Warm Regards from not so sunny southern Wisconsin....


FrauBucher said...

Thank you so much for the compliment, John. Stop back anytime and hopefully you'll find a bit of useful information on something or other.
Kind regards, Frau