Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Do you really need this type of tool?

One of the most frequent searches that lead people to my sorry blog is one for "Amazon repricer." Here are 3. I know nothing about them and cannot vouch for them. Use any repricer at your own risk.

Price Changer 1 Price Changer Description: Price Changer is a tool to allow Amazon book sellers to update their prices with great ease. The price of a book has a great deal to do with how fast it will sell. However, it is difficult to keep up with the ever changing book prices on Amazon. Price Changer was designed for those sellers who wish to use minimal effort to keep their book prices competitive. $98.00 USD

BookRepricer BookRepricer is an automatic repricing tool for Amazon Pro Sellers and and zshops sellers.It designed to ease their efforts in re-pricing their online inventory. BookRepricer will save any Amazon Pro Seller hours making sure your books, CDs, DVDs etc,are priced right against the competition. A 2-week Free Trial is offered. After that, the pricing is subscription based.

AMan Pro for Amazon Sellers is a "complete Listing, Pricing and Order Fulfillment management tool." $49.99 USD

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