Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer respite

For many, many reasons, I made a conscious decision to take time away from Blogger this summer. Here in sunny, southern California the calendar still shows it is summer, but the change from one season is not based on time but on subtle, almost imperceptible, changes in weather. Summer is already becoming autumn here with hot days and very cool nights that are perfect for sleeping. Extremely hot days are in the future to be sure, but summer has for all practical purposes exited.

I'm looking forward to autumn; it is my second favorite season of the year. Unfortunately, the season dictates my returning to work. Yes, gentle reader, blogging is work to me. Perhaps it is because I have nothing much to say or more importantly because my words have little importance. Whatever the case, struggling for a blog identity is a crisis that likely will not be resolved any time soon.

Here's to a productive fall for everyone: Cheers!

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