Saturday, October 07, 2006

RedLightGreen: End of Service Effective November 1, 2006

A common bookseller research tool will disappear beginning bext month. The news may not be "news" to some people, but I first learned of it last week when working.The press release on Redlightgreen states:

"As of November 1st, RedLightGreen will no longer be available as a service, and users are encouraged to explore for locating the best bibliographic resources. Since RLG debuted RedLightGreen in 2003, there has been a sea-change in thinking about ways to provide access to bibliographic information. RLG is very proud that RedLightGreen was among the first of these efforts, and pleased that so many of you joined with us in pioneering the way forward. OCLC has likewise made steps towards providing more intuitive ways for end users to find materials of interest on the shelves of their local library—first through the Open WorldCat program, and as of earlier this summer, via"

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