Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dia de los Muertos 2006

papelpic_42Here we are, November 1st, the beginning of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. I miss living in Mexico and witnessing the activities first hand. Next year I'll take the day off and go down into Baja. Until then, I will celebrate via the web, at places like the Day of the Dead Folk Art Gallery. I would have loved to have purchased the featured piece!

A simple pattern for the above calaveras papel picado and more activities for kids and the family can be found here. The site is perfect for teachers, too.

Photo of a candy skull made of sugar, a common gift and decoration for the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Photo by User -SpangineerYou'll find a recipe for 'COLORFUL SUGAR CANDY SKULLS' at, where you can buy traditional Mexican foods online- if the item isn't sold out (Skulls are. The Pan de Muertos isn't.) Scroll down the page for the recipe.

Author Mary J. Andrade's beautiful Day of the Dead website (in English and Spanish) explores the history and traditions of the ritual and features recipes, poems, photography and books about the Day of the Dead. The books are available for sale at the website or you can buy them from your local independent bookstore or bookseller.

skullbg1-10At Flickr you'll find the wonderful group photo pool loaded with over 170 colorful photos relating to all aspects of the celebration. Believe me, you don't want to miss this ambitious work!

Finally, another really good website that has lots of links and photos about DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS is Mexconnect,com. I think I mentioned it last year, too.

altarSo set up your ofrendas (memorial altar) on a table covered with a nice tablecloth, papel picado and a photo of your loved ones. Add your offerings of sugar skulls, bread, candles, cempasuchil flowers (orange or yellow marigolds- real or paper), paper mache skeletons. plates with the honored deads' favorite foods or some toys for the lost wee ones. Bake some delicious Pan de Muertos, make a few sugar skulls and partake in the joy! I'm heading off to the kitchen now...


Arevalo said...

A spanish written calavera verses:

A long lost post I wrote about "día de los muertos" (in spanish):

FrauBucher said...

Thanks for stopping by! I was especially happy to see a link to a traditional Mexican cooking site at the end of your Origen post.