Saturday, January 13, 2007

Book Theft at New Jersey Book Fair

Another heinous book theft has occurred, this time at the New Jersey Book Fair. All buyers and dealers please be vigilant and report any suspicious book activity (regardless of where you see it) to the proper authorities and especially to Tom Congalton if it involves the books listed below in red. Updates will be posted when available as will information from any other affected booksellers.

From the IOBA Discuss list as reported by Tom Congalton of Between the Covers Rare Books, Inc., ABAA:

"Overnight at the New Jersey Book Fair we had approximately a dozen books stolen from a locked room at the fair. I am still trying to determine exactly what was taken, and should be able to do that, but among the stolen books were several Hemingway's including the limited and signed Farewell to Arms, a trade editon of the same title in jacket, Men without Women in jacket, an unjacketed by inscribed reprint of In Our Time, a Raymond Chandler Farewell, My Lovely, and some others. No one is in the office at ABAA, but I should be able to provide complete descriptions and photos of each book to the Security Committee once I get home.

Dealers in the NY area should be on the lookout.


Tom Congalton
Between the Covers Rare Books, Inc., ABAA
Merchantville NJ 08109
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