Monday, February 12, 2007

Northwestern University Library Book Theft

The following books have been stolen from the Herskovits
Library of African Studies at Northwestern University Library.
Should anyone have information about any of these books,
please contact: David Easterbrook, Curator of the Herskovits
Library at 847-491-4549 or via email:

1 Galibert,Leon. L'Algerie ancienne et moderne. Paris, 1854.
2 Genty de Bussy, Pierre. L'Etablissement des francais dans la
regence d'Alger. Paris, 1839.
3 La Faye, Jean Baptiste de. Voyage pour le redemption
des captifs, aux royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis. Paris, 1721.
4 La Faye, Jean Baptiste de. A voyage to Barbary for the redemption
of captives, Now first English ed. from the French original.London, 1735.
5 Lieussou, Aristide. Etudes sur les ports de l'Algerie. Paris, 1850.
6 Martin, Maria. History of the captivity and sufferings of
Maria Martin. NY, 1913
7 Renaudot. Alger. Tableau du royaume, de la ville Alger.
4th ed. Paris, 1830.
8 Renault, B., ed. Histoire pittoresque de l'Afrique francaise.
Paris, 1847.
9 Rumigny, Marie Theodore Gueilly. Essai sur la Province d'Alger.
Paris, 1841.
10 Salame, Abraham. A narrative of the expedition to Algiers in
the year 1816.
London, 1819.
11 Walker, Thomas H. B. The presidents of Liberia. Jacksonville,
Fla., 1915.
12 Africa redeemed: or, the means of her relief illustrated by
the growth and
prospects of Liberia. London, 1851.
13 Bayley, Solomon. A brief account of the colony of Liberia.
Wilmington, DE.,1829?)

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