Monday, May 14, 2007

New Postage Rates

As of today, May 14, 2007, the US Postal Service placed its new postal rates in effect. There was very little fanfare or news coverage immediately prior to the event, either. I wonder how many people that do not mail or ship items regularly know about the rate hikes?

I wonder how many of the USPS branches are completely informed of the actual regulations since some international methods have been dropped and another method created, Priority boxes ate different, zones are in place for all methods, etc... Their website states the new classes are a simplification, but until we (the users in general) are familiar with these changes, I wonder how much simpler it all is. The Postal Service is well known for its lack of standardization in application of the previous rates and information. Maybe the USPS should employ Mickey D's methods of ensuring uniformity from one branch to another?

If you haven't changed your accepted methods and rates on your websites, better get shaking!

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