Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Over the Moon Once in a Blue Moon

Moon over this:
Over the moon: Delighted about something
Once in a blue Moon: Very, very, rarely!

redmoonTrio_espenak_fullIf you missed the longest, total lunar eclipse that occurred this morning, you missed a mystical sight! Fortunately, I live on the west coast and was able to view the entire progress and I was never so happy to miss sleep! The night air was cool, cloudless, dark, and but for natural sounds, peacefully silent, which made my experience so much more delightful. I would not have missed the show for anything. (Although I think Science Daily missed the really big story: the eclipse occurred on "Aug. 38.")

I was doubly blessed by lunar visions that day. As I played with my doggie girl in the early evening, I witnessed the moon rising from behind the mountains, a majestically full, giant, orb of orange-yellow color. A short six hours later the big show began. Thank heaven for little favors!

Images courtesy of Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day archive. (Sadly/shamefully- no current picture is available) and the Lunar Eclipse Gallery at SpaceWeather

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