Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hmmmmm…4 days have lapsed

Was I busy selling and packing books? Surely you jest! Nope, nary a sale since 10/25/05, but that is okay since I am doing other necessary things besides earning a living… reading, cleaning, sleeping, spending time with my animals, acquiring new inventory, setting traps for the raccoon(s) who killed my free range chickens, checking if my emus have begun laying eggs yet, selecting milk goats, drawing plans for a portable chicken coop…

Like Abraham Lincoln, I believe in self-education. I spend a lot of time reading all kinds of interesting and useful tidbits while researching this-n-that. I prefer the research to actually listing books. Too bad, too, since that is the only way sales are made on-line.

One of my mottos is: Google is your friend. Another favorite is: Move your ass! Oops-

I think I started this blog to waste time and have an excuse to look around at the world. So far, it’s working out pretty well.

IOBA Standard Summer’05 edition where you’ll read Dick Weatherford’s (Founder, Alibris) quote: “It is clear, now, that just about anyone can become a bookseller. The bar to entering the trade is very low. Penny sellers abound and there are all too many who do not know the terms, customs, and techniques of bookselling.” Amen, Dick!

BookFinder.com acquired, will remain independent “BookFinder.com has been acquired by Abebooks, and will continue to be an independent and unbiased resource.” (abebooks is a book selling site; BookFinder is a search engine for books listed on sites like abe.)

Thepenguinpodcasts “The Penguin Podcast is a fortnightly episode of book extracts, author interviews and features from Penguin Books UK.”

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