Friday, November 04, 2005

Some Days You Just Wanna Scream


Or: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Do you ever have days where you feel like you are banging your head on a concrete wall? That you are the only sane person in the room? Like you just want to drive off into the sunset, disappear into oblivion, pray for an alien abduction or something else drastic? Of course, you don't actually do those things- at least normally. You go home or somewhere to relax and blow off steam cuz you know, someday real soon, it's gonna start all over again...and again... and again...

I've been feeling like that since June. The actual start of the situation really began last year in September 2004. It is not going to end anytime soon, either, but I intend to remedy that and remove myself from the equation and learn:

I don't have to feel guilty because someone else's problem is not my problem!

I love to give presents, do acts of kindness and such. There are a few people with whom I won't act this way. They have brought it on themselves mainly because they are "users."

You know the kind. They call you up once in a blue moon- if that often- and ask for money. Or car help. Or a place to stay after a domestic problem. Or they show absolutely no respect for you or your time. And they rarely ever give you anything in return. Not even a "thank you." Hey- we owe it to them, doncha know!

Another person recently added themselves to my list and it is their great loss, not mine. Screw them!

I will only take so much garbage from a person (family)- and much less from others (strangers)- before I blow my stack and ream someone a new one. Even if I do it civilly, you know what hit you.

Life is too friggin' short for BS like I have endured. And it is going to stop, NOW

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