Thursday, November 03, 2005

Howard Stern, Radio and San Diego


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I love the man, the show and just about everything he's produced. He is a genius in what he does.

Say the name "Howard Stern" to people. The responses will mostly show that people either love him or hate him. Few this day and age- especially with the increased FCC BS regulations- do not know who he is.

Yeah, and btw- thanks Janet Jackson, Justin what's-your-name and that ass-backwards, religious, watchdog group that spawned an internet letter writing campaign composed mostly of people who never even saw the half-time show that Super Bowl!!!

My own Mother forwarded me a copy of that tripe to send onto others. She has never seen any part of a single Super Bowl in her entire life!!!!! Yet, here she was spreading this poison. I replied (to all) a scorching letter about how football itself is offensive to many due to violence, commercials are based on sex and everyone has a friggin' means of changing the channel!!! Sheesh! Has anyone ever watched pro-cheerleaders dance during the games???? Give me an effin' break!

One year ago Howard announced his move to Sirius Satellite Radio. Thank God! I'm buying a lifetime subscription to Sirius. Who in their right mind wants to miss the coming hijinx? Not me. I'm already missing some crazy stuff on Howard 100.

Meanwhile, Infinity Broadcasting had to find a new show for that very important time slot on "terrestrial" radio waves. On October 25, 2005, after months of public speculation, Infinity made their big announcement. They are using 3 celebrities in different markets to replace one guy. I listened disinterestedly since it was made during Stern's show. The impact would not be fully known to me until after the show ended that day, when once again San Diego was treated as a suburb of Los Angeles. Gone suddenly from the airwaves was KPLN- the Planet, Cindy Pace and the local rock music show and all the other local deejays. I Station ID said I was listening to KSCF "FreeFM." The show following Stern that "black Tuesday" was Frosty, Heidi & Frank from LA's KSLX. I listened about 30 minutes only because it was inconvenient to shut the radio off sooner. I must say I was less than impressed. I tried listening on a few other occasions just to give them a shot. Can't do it! They aren't for me. And neither is the rest of KLSX's line-up.

And about that "Free FM" stuff... I sure don't feel very free!

More research on my part found that ALL of the radio programs on that San Diego station are from LA's KSLX. Oh, excuse me- I forgot we will have classic and active rock from 3 am Saturday to 3 am Monday. Funny thing is- no mention of that music anywhere on the website- only the weekday "talent."

Infinity is going to lose "terrestrial" listeners back to Clear Channel stations with this move. I won't support Clear Channel since they removed Stern from their channel here, but others may not be as principled. My opinion is moot
anyway since I am going to satellite.

I dunno about anyone else in SD county, but I am sick and tired of San Diego being treated like we are part of LA.

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Morris said...

Howard visited me in the hospital once when I was sick. He gave me a huge hug!

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