Thursday, March 30, 2006

Current events

Life has added a few cogs to my blogging, obviously so, by my missing the entire month of March and its celebration of small and fine presses. Life is a mystery. As Adrian Monk says: "It's a blessing and a curse." Another saying states: "It's better than the alternative." Or is it? Regardless, life and bookselling trump blogging about bookselling and life when time is very limited, even if the bookseller in question isn't selling all that many books.

One benefit of working at home besides dressing (or not) as you wish, and setting your own hours, is the ability to listen to music or TV while you work. Right now, I'm listening to Dr. Ward Gasque discussing the historical aspects of Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code on www.UCSD.TV The Master Gardening program, sans certificate, is even here. Besides watching the shows "live" on the telly, the site offers the shows for viewing on the Real player at your own convenience. Pretty nifty.

I'll try to add the .ram here, but as a tech simpleton, you might just go to the website and save it to your own puter. Dr. Gasque's talk is very interesting, but you can buy your own copy of The DaVinci Code at your local independent bookstore or by searching via title or author on

Here goes nothing

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