Monday, March 06, 2006

Larry McMurtry, Author, Antiquarian Bookseller, Oscar Winner and more

Another weekend passed, more news will come later in the day to catch up on Small Press Month. Several fine and small presses must be featured to keep my target of one-a-day, but first:

An IOBA colleague alerted the group to Larry McMurtry's comments after winning an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay (Brokeback Mountain authored by Annie Proulx). I do not watch the assorted award shows, but am happy to know Mr. McMurtry lauded independent booksellers in his comments- scroll down the page to read his remarks.

A short article and a bio on Larry McMurtry and another here regarding Larry and books and another here on his respite from bookselling.

And of course, you can buy Brokeback Mountain for your reading pleasure at your local independent bookstore or by searching by title and/or author on

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