Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stuck on stupid

Thought I'd paraphrase General Honore's: “You are stuck on stupid.” Seems this entire country is full of people stuck on stupid. Unfortunately for us, it applies to the Administration as well. When does it become prudent to keep important US interests, businesses, real estate, etc. owned only by Americans? We are too far past that sensibility from the recent news.

FYI, it's 8 ports- not 6.
U.S. Government Probes Second Dubai Company
Same story, another source
Are they or aren't they?
The last line in this story doesn't even mention that the US has been infiltrated.
Following some of the money
Carlyle Group money train
Islamic news in their own words
The Muslim News Service
Author Howard Bloom's informative website
Howard Bloom on Islamic censorship and more

Regardless of your thoughts, educate yourself in all matters. So much info and differing opinions, so little time.

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