Monday, April 10, 2006

Alibris increases fees- today

Alibris booksellers that use Alibris to manage their Amazon inventory received the following email recently:

"Dear Alibris Seller,

Alibris is pleased to announce substantial improvements to our Amazon Seller Program. Starting today you'll find the new program is faster, easier and more robust. On April 10, Alibris will also initiate a fee of 25 cents per item shipped on Amazon orders via the Amazon Seller Program.

We hope you've found the program to be a valuable way to streamline your Amazon inventory management and order processing. We've made improvements in direct response to your feedback. Please take time to explore and experience the following new and improved features...."

And from March 15, 2006: RagingWire's IT
Services Allow Alibris to Focus on Core Business of Selling Books

Anyone wanna bet that this is where your quarter is going?

My opinion has always been do your own work yourself. Of course, with booksellers listing on many different sites to make a profit, it may become more difficult to keep track of the inventory. I'll admit- it does take some work to keep current.

For those interested, other ways of uploading listings to Amazon do exist. Two software programs that can handle multiple venues are
Booktrakker and The Art of Books, and there are others.

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