Thursday, April 13, 2006

And so it begins- impending sales tax, stolen books, etc.

Amazon has patents for an automatic tax assessing software for the US and its European sites. Looks like the times, they are a-changin'. Could be a sticky wicket for the third party sellers who do not remit sales tax now and don't make plans for it any time soon depending on how the ball bounces. I think Azon might collect and remit the sales tax to the appropriate states, but then again it would be more fun if it was left to the 3Ps to deal with.

More on the matter: Feds and States Look For
New Ways To Tax The Internet

In Utah- Rare
Books Stolen From Pioneer Museum
The other crime is the pitiful security that allowed this to happen. Maybe security relied heavily on the 10 Commandments.

For booksellers worried about ebooks:

announces a deal with Borders Books regarding the new high tech ebook reader

Gee, B&N dumped ebooks in 2003 and along with Amazon
won't be selling this e-reader, either.

Some of my friends who do sell on ABE have admitted more sales since ABE began processing credit cards. Is it a tos-up? On one hand you get a bit more of the money processing CCs yourself, and on the other you get more sales but a bit less money.

Sellers have high
expectations for eBay Express

5 eBay
Tools You Need to Have

eBay PowerSeller Sell2All Inc. has filed for Chapter 7

After everyone was finally getting great sales at eBay stores, eBay
Rolls Back Major Store-Search Initiative

Look for some interesting discussions on the store
discussion boards

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