Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alibris this and Da Vinci Code that

"The Da Vinci Code" craze catches Chinese audience Is it just me, or is anyone else amazed that the Chinese are giving away trips to Paris and cash prizes? Not too surprising with our trade deficit methinks.

Despite the reviews at
Cannes and the religious furor and protests, or maybe because of it all, Da Vinci Code' Has Second-Highest Worldwide Opening. Like they say- publicity is publicity- good or bad.

Only on the internet (and in Vegas) can you
bet on something as silly as the box office takes of a movie.

US movies reviews are a mixed bag, but
Ebert and Roeper gave "The Da Vinci Code" "2 thumbs up." You can hear it yourself.

Alibris sent out the monthly newsletter to its sellers yesterday. In it they addressed Oak Hill Capital Partners'
aquisition of Alibris:

"Seller questions answered
The recent purchase of Alibris by Oak Hill Capital Partners generated a number of comments and questions. We hope the following Q&A will help assuage any fears and better inform you about this transaction.

Oak Hill Capital Partners purchased Alibris, but did they also give you working capital?
Yes. As part of the purchase, Oak Hill Capital Partners has provided Alibris with substantial working capital that will allow us to increase marketing, accelerate our international expansion and rejuvenate our movie and music business.

Do private equity guys like Oak Hill Capital Partners care about small independent sellers?
Yes. Oak Hill Capital Partners purchased Alibris because they believe in the business model and the Alibris mission. The success of all sellers will make Alibris successful and is important to the long term health of the business.

The purchase of Alibris is a significant moment in our history. Yet, the day-to-day operations will largely remain the same."

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