Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour - Do It 3-29-2008

Earth Hour - GoogleToday, March 29, 2008 is the first global celebration of Earth Hour. Google, in a show of support, turned its "lights" out on their home page for Earth Hour. Earth Hour was created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Sydney, Australia in 2007 to inspire people to take action on climate change. Across the world, million of people are showing solidarity by turning off all their lights from 8PM to 9PM. The reason for this: climate change.

Whether you believe or not in climate change or global warming is irrelevant. The global economy is suffering. The US is believed to be in a recession by nearly 90% of people polled by the University of Michigan and Reuters, despite what some people think. People are working harder and earning less. Unemployment is up. Foreclosures are skyrocketing and so is the price of gasoline. Credit card debt is all the rage and finally people are spending less due to necessity not desire, I'm sure! Taking all of the above into consideration, energy conservation is one means anyone can utilize to reduce their cost of living and is perhaps one of the easiest methods to save some money to further your bottom line.

Show your support by signing up for Earth Hour - and support the Earth and yourself.

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