Thursday, April 03, 2008

USPS - New Prices Coming May 12, 2008

j0379439 "Pricing has always been important to the Postal Service. Now, with greater pricing flexibility than ever, our customers have more choices, and we can price quickly in response to customer needs and the marketplace." - Pricing and Classification Vice President Stephen Kearney

The second half of last year's proposed postal rate changes takes place on May 12, 2008. The most commonly used classes are included in the rate changes. A few discounts will also be put into place, but these will not impact the average postal customer.

j0434883For those of us shipping packages:
Express Mail becomes zone-based with a 3 percent price cut when purchasing online or via corporate accounts. Meet USPS' quarterly minimums, will save shippers even more.

Priority Mail offers an average 3.5% savings if using electronic postage or meeting other USPS requirements.

Parcel Select features pricing and volume incentives for large- and medium-size shippers.

Parcel Return Service becomes weight based with savings for lighter packages.

j0288926Mr and Mrs John Doe's mailings will also be affected with changes. The USPS website is proud to state: "The average increase by class of mail is at or below the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index."

The changes are as follows:
First-Class Mail letter (1 oz.) = $0.42
First-Class Mail letter (2 oz.) = $0.59j0413666
Postcard = $0.27
First-Class Mail large envelope (2 oz.) = $1.00
Certified Mail =$2.70
First-Class Mail International changes depend on destination

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