Wednesday, April 05, 2006

National Poetry Month, tv, podcasts and vodcasts

In this recent post I mentioned (University of CA, San Diego). Over the weekend I mosied on over to the parent website UCTV.TV (University of California). I discovered you can subscribe to podcasts and vodcasts here. My favorite shows on uni tv are the poetry readings and discussions. As a matter of fact, I am listening to Lunch Poems: Frank Paino right now. To celebrate April's designation of National Poetry Month, UCTV "is highlighting its extensive archive of poetry programs for its worldwide audience. Saturday afternoons and evenings beginning April 8, UCTV presents UC Berkeley’s long-running noontime poetry reading series “Lunch Poems,” featuring both world-renowned and emerging poets reading their work and sharing their insights."

Frank Paino's books, Out of Eden and The Rapture of Matter, can be purchased at your local independent bookstore or found by searching by title and/or author on Bookfinder or ADDALL

PS: Don't forget the Master Gardener Program Every Thursday Night on (all times Pacific time)

For other university programming, contact your local uni or try looking here. No guarantees, though...

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