Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dean Koontz - The Husband

THE HUSBANDFor the third time in less than 2 weeks C2C had a bestselling author as a guest. The last week of May provided interviews with Larry Niven and Dale Brown. This time it was none other than my favorite suspense/thriller writer, Dean Koontz, who is doing satellite publicity for his new bestseller The Husband. Unfortunately, Ian Punnett was only able to schedule an hour with the great writer, but Punnett managed to elicit a promise of a full 3 hours once the writer has rested from the current hectic satellite publicity schedule. Koontz is the only best-selling author who does not do actual publicity tours. It has been a long time since Dean Koontz appeared on C2C, over 4 years, in fact. In January and March of 2002, Mr. Koontz appeared as part of the promotion of my favorite book, One Door Away From Heaven.

I do not read much fiction. When I do, the genres are mystery and thriller. For me, it is very easy to find a mystery writer I enjoy. Finding an author of horror or suspense that I can read and enjoy is much more difficult. Dean Koontz is the only thriller author to date where I have read more than two books he's written. My first Koontz book was Strangers. The last one I completed was One Door Away From Heaven, my absolute favorite for many reasons, but especially for the dog element. That book is one where a reader can laugh aloud one minute and be completely creeped out the next. Somewhere in the middle I have read
Seize the Night and Tick Tock. I am currently reading From the Corner of His Eye. I also own quite a few others which I have yet to read. I look forward to enjoying them all.

About The Husband:
From Booklist: *Starred Review* It's another boring day in paradise for gardener Mitch Rafferty, planting impatiens on a rich client's lawn. Then his cell rings. It's Holly, his wife, and she doesn't sound good. Someone slaps her, she screams, and a man comes on to tell Mitch that he has 60 hours to raise $2 million to ransom her. Just so Mitch knows they mean business, the man says, see the guy walking a dog across the street? Mitch looks and blam! A bullet to the head kills the dog walker. Let this be a warning, too, that the kidnapper-killers will know if Mitch says word one to the cops about his predicament, and Holly will suffer. Where is a gardener supposed to get $2 million? The sinister caller says he'll let Mitch know; just be a good machine and follow instructions. Despite his terror, Mitch does until . . .

So keep your eyes and ears open for Dean Koontz's second appearance on CoasttoCoastAM, where he will likely discuss further his interest in quantum mechanics, his dog Trixie, his other books and answer listener questions. In the meantime, if you want to read any of the highly acclaimed books Dean Koontz has written,
they can be found at your local independent, new or used bookstore or by searching by author and/or title at Bookfinder or ADDALL.

PS: When at Mr Koontz's website, make sure you stop to read the immensely delighful Trixie's Messages. Maybe being a dog lover is a prerequisite for Trixie's message, but I hope not!

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