Friday, June 09, 2006

What's up?

For me, songs mark the summers in memories. For others, it is books- Summer Reading 2006

New & Upcoming Book Releases

This Weekend on Book TV - the 2006 Printers Row Book Fair - Chicago - The Schedule

Dan Brown's effigy, copies of book, VCD burnt

Borders' financial woes hit execs- this time- with 90 laid off

Sam Goody removing money losing books from nearly every outlet, supplanting books with only manga, and dropping Ingram as it supplier for Baker & Taylor,
while Tower Records increases its book holdings

Mrs Beeton's cook books plagiarized? (Like anyone believes Martha Stewart's recipes are completely original and not from other sources...Remember Julia Child? I recall a shortbread recipe Martha touted as hers a while back that was from The Joy of Cooking and I knew it immediately. Cooking has
always been that way.)

Lemony Snicket's alter ego can't even get noticed

Hungarian poet Gyorgy Somlyo dead at 85

More BookExpo news:
Bookstore Tourism?
Independent bookstores need killer events
Additional podcasts available:
BEA #5 - Don Tapscott on Embracing New Media and Web 2.0
BEA #6 - Best Way to Target Mobile Devices
BEA Buzz - What’s In Your Bag? (Chapter 1)
BEA Buzz - Publishing in China
BEA Buzz - New Title Showcase

The complete list of BEA Podcasts

Listening to Brahms - Liebeslieder Waltzes and Neue Libeslieder
Spohr - Three Psalms, Op 85
Meyerbeer - Psalm 91

Reading My First Summer in the Sierra by John Muir

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